You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. Building a successful business that serves your customers and/or your clients’ best. We makes applications for your business so that your business is easier to manage and analyse, Our applications helps you in taking better decisions for your business, managing customers, clients, employees and resources. Our applications uses artificial intelligence codes which gives you best solutions.




It’s your business, your vision and we will develop customized applications in your way. Aligning with Crewbit simply affords you an opportunity to grow your business more quickly, operate it more efficiently, and manage it more profitably. Our experienced business analysts analyse your business thoroughly and suggest best solutions. If you have any special requests of functionality, programming language, structure or database, we give it complete preference. We can develop applications from scratch also on clients request.

Easy to


Whether you have a service based industry or product based or both, Crewbit provides management applications to all, these applications are very easy to modify. In our every application every functionality is introduced according to clients requirements with proper logic behind the codes. This is why every client see the same application differently and uses it differently, Crewbit uses REST API in all the applications with MVC structure and Agile methodology.




Crewbit not only delivers perfect web and mobile solutions, Crewbit also provides life time maintainance of applications built by us, So that our clients never have to worry about maintainace of applications developed by us. Our business analysts are always available for you with free advice and suggestions for your business even after completion of project.

“Quite simply we are driven to provide you with the support and service that makes a difference, adds real value and helps you achieve your goals.”

Telephone: 020 7753 1146 | Email: chris.dossantos@coutts.com

  • Crewbit provides customised ERP solutions after thorough study of your business. Our ERP system are built in such a way that functionality can be added or edited very easily. Modules which can be added in your ERP system to increase its performance are -
    • Human Resource
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Purchase
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Inventory
    • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
    • Engineering/ Production
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Crewbit provides customized Point of sale and Point of purchase systems. Our POS and POP systems can be altered anytime according to requirements of client. Few main features we offer in POS and POP are -

    • Ease of use
    • Entry of sales information
    • Pricing
    • Updating product information
    • Sales tracking options
    • Security
    • Taxes

  • Crewbit offers great Institute Management Systems. Our IMS work perfectly in Coaching centers, Schools, Colleges and Universities also. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Students / Teachers / Parents / Admin profiles
    • Key performance indicators for each student, class and teachers
    • Fee tracking
    • Report cards
    • Addmissions
    • Registrations
    • Grades
    • Homeworks
    • Online payments
    • Activities

  • Whether it's a shop or godown or a factory, Stock Management is a very important system. Implementing of this system in business can create a competitive advantage to drive business decisions.
    It’s our goal to help you create an strategy to better manage your business and maintain profitability by:

    • Reducing risk
    • Billing Responsibilities
    • Removing complexities and legacy systems bogging down your business
    • Relieving the strain on your staff and outdated systems
    • Freeing up your time to focus other important things in your business.
    • Getting more business.

  • Every clinic need a management system for better management of patients information, billing, and staff information.
    Our Clinic management system provides great features:

    • Patient information maintanance
    • Stock management for medicines and equipments
    • Invoice and billings
    • Attendance and salaries of staff
    • Chat features.
    • Referal programs.

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